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     Home remodeling or construction can be a major stress on anyone—but just imagine being a pet. Suddenly your home has been invaded by new faces, humans you’ve never seen before, and the smells and sounds of change are everywhere. While people can take in these changes logically, they can be upsetting to pets. Just think of the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat.” Now take it literally. Most animals are naturally curious about new people, new sounds, and new smells; they’re highly sensitive to changes in their environment, and that curiosity can lead dangerously toward tragedy.

     From a contractor’s perspective, it’s important to communicate in advance with homeowners about their pets. Before beginning any project, we like to know where the animals in the house are located, if they’re prone to escape attempts, and whether or not to anticipate any issues regarding their friendliness or medical health. On our end, we also work hard to ensure that we’ve properly prepped and cleaned up: that means no nails getting stuck in paws, no paint cans left open, no safety hazards to put your pet in jeopardy. At Tom Curren Companies, we understand that pets are members of your family. That’s why we do all we can to accommodate them and keep them safe and happy. We can even include them in your design plans—for instance, by turning the unused space below a staircase into a storage space with an area for your pet’s bed.

     From a homeowner’s perspective, it’s important to keep in mind that remodeling often brings with it various fumes from sprays, paints, and other irritants. That being the case, you may want to arrange to either take your pets somewhere outside the home for the day or else create a safe environment (a locked room, say, with some water and toys) that can serve as a respite from the bustle of construction. It’s a good idea to mark the room with a sign indicating PET INSIDE, and you might also consider playing music, the radio, or the television to drown out any noise from construction.

     Remember that one of the biggest dangers to pets during remodeling is the rise in traffic going in and out of the house: open doors, open gates, cars and trucks pulling in and out of driveways. You get the picture. Keeping your pet in a secure, well-marked room can be the difference between peace of mind and constant fear—and why take a risk with your family member?


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