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Designing the bathroom of your dreams doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Focusing on the right details will help you create a space everyone will love. If you’re looking for a comfortable retreat where you can relax after a long day at work, investing in a few luxurious elements can make all the difference. But how exactly can you make your bathroom feel expensive, without breaking the bank? Here are some ideas to help you plan:

Install a Soaker Tub

Adding a soaker tub is a great way to create a focal point you can design your bathroom around. This feature is a must-have when you are looking to create a comfortable and relaxing environment. When remodeling your bathroom, we see many of our clients going for a tub with a side-mount faucet, which allows you to recline in the tub without getting poked by the faucet!

Add Statement Lighting

Statement lighting can have a huge impact on your space. The fixtures you choose will add style, create the desired ambience, and highlight the amazing features in your new luxury bathroom design. Consider designer task lighting for the vanity area to enhance the look and feel of your space, and practical lighting options around the room to increase functionality. If you’re really looking to make a statement, consider adding a chandelier!

Install a Steam Shower

The benefits of a steam shower go beyond making your bathroom look more luxurious – they help improve circulation, clear skin, reduce stiffness and joint pain, and remove toxins from the body. 

Depending on the luxury steam shower you choose, you may also get massage jets, ceiling and handheld shower heads, color therapy and sometimes even a built-in radio. These features help set your bathroom apart from the rest.

Add Stylish Storage

Elegant storage options that complement other bathroom furniture will complete your high-end bathroom look, providing both form and function. Having ample space to keep your supplies hidden, allows you to keep your counter space looking tidy and clutter-free – another way to keep that high-end luxury feel!

Heat Your Bathroom Floors

In-floor heating or heated towel warmers are an easy way to set your bathroom apart from other rooms in your home. There’s nothing cozier than stepping into the bathroom and feeling that “ahhh” moment when your feet hit the warm floors below you. 

Creating a luxurious bathroom can be an expensive undertaking, which is why you will want to ensure you work with professionals. At Tom Curren Companies, we have over three decades of experience in the home remodeling industry using quality products and materials to ensure the success of your project. Contact us today to schedule a free design consultation with one of our bathroom experts!


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