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A kitchen remodeling project can completely transform your cooking space, and add functionality to your home. However, these projects have many moving parts and can be disruptive to your everyday routine. While the TCC team is busy working in your kitchen, you’ll want to plan ahead to ensure you still have access to some of the kitchen essentials. Here are a few tips to help you work around having no kitchen for an extended period of time:


Create a Small Make-Shift Kitchenette


To save yourself a lot of hassle, you should create a temporary substitute kitchen. The secondary kitchen should be in a low-traffic area, near a source of water (if possible) and far enough away from the construction, that you don’t feel like you’re on top of it. This could be in a place like your basement, garage or utility room. Consider a small fold-out table where you can place small appliances such as your microwave, hot plate, water boiler and coffee maker so you can prepare meals easily. 


Get Paper Plates & Plastic Utensils


There is a chance you will make some menu changes when renovating your kitchen – you likely won’t be having chicken parm or a baked casserole. Stocking up on paper plates and plastic utensils will help to make your life easier during the remodel. When you do not have water or do not want to deal with messy dishes, disposable utensils will offer you the convenience you need. 


Order Takeout


No matter how well you plan ahead, there are always going to be nights when it’s easiest to order takeout. Before your remodel starts, make sure you include a small budget for takeout food and local restaurants. A stash of nonperishable snacks will also come in handy when you are starving but are not in a position to cook a full meal. 


Find A Place To Wash Dishes


As much as you will want to avoid dishes altogether during the remodel, there will be the inevitable dish or two. It is important to designate alternative spots to wash your dishes. The options you can consider include using your bathtub, small bathroom sink or setting up a small bin as a wash area outside. 


Be Selective About Kitchen Tools & Utensils


To live through the chaos associated with kitchen remodels, you should keep only the items you use frequently in your temporary kitchen. Pack away items that are rarely used, breakables, valuables and larger appliances. Some things you should keep within easy reach are a good knives, microwaveable containers, your favorite spices and food storage containers. To keep your makeshift kitchenette organized, store commonly used items in clear, properly labeled plastic storage containers for easy access.

A lot of things can happen during a kitchen remodel. You need to come up with a plan on how to keep your pets and children safe during the construction. Considering the stressful and disruptive nature of a kitchen remodel, it is vital to be patient. Hiring a professional kitchen remodeling company will help you to avoid unnecessary delays and cost overruns. 


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