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November 15, 2019

Taking Inspiration from the Bees to Build a Better, More Beautiful World

For more than three decades, Tom Curren Companies has been a recognized name in the home remodeling industry. We’re well-known [...]

For more than three decades, Tom Curren Companies has been a recognized name in the home remodeling industry. We’re well-known among Massachusetts homeowners for our high-quality, beautiful home renovations and award-winning service. Our team’s dedication to hard work, excellent communication, and integrity has served as the foundation of our company’s values—and is a reminder of what we can accomplish when we work together towards a common goal.

There’s no doubt that our company’s identity is directly inspired by our founder, Tom Curren—whose thirty-year pastime as a beekeeper has greatly influenced his role as a business owner and a human being. In fact, it’s safe to say that Tom Curren Companies’ core values are a direct reflection of his experience observing and working with the bees—whose cooperation, diligence, and persistence blend together in perfect harmony.

Community Support for Our Local Bee Population

One of Tom’s greatest lessons after three decades of diligent beekeeping been the importance of community. The bees demonstrate every day how our actions as a group can impact our lives in more ways than we can count. By working together, we can accomplish amazing things that better our homes, our community, and our world in incredible ways.

Tom’s work with the bees has had a profound impact on the way he lives and operates his business. It’s also served as inspiration for Tom’s Bees, a program we’ve created to spread awareness about the dwindling bee population. Our team at Tom Curren Companies is enthusiastic to share important resources and tips with our friends and neighbors in Auburndale and the surrounding areas about living in peace with the bees, while helping them thrive as a species for the sake of a better world.

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There’s a lot to learn from the bees in our world, whether you’re a child, a university student, an accountant, a homemaker, a chef, a physician, or anyone else. For our team of expert home remodeling contractors, the bees are a constant reminder of what working together in harmony should look like—and the kind of results we can achieve as a team to build better, stronger, and more beautiful homes in Massachusetts.


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