Selecting the Right Color

Choosing Paint Colors in Boston Metro area and surrounding suburbs

Select the right colors for your home

Choosing paint colors in Newton

We can use our expertise to help you choose the right option for your interior or exterior paint job.

Getting your home’s paint colors right is one of the most difficult tasks a homeowner will face when redoing a room or painting the exterior of their house. Ask anyone who does professional painting – we all struggle with these decisions because with so many color options available, it's hard to pick the best option!

Fortunately, our many years of experience here at Tom Curren Companies have enabled us to come up with solutions to help our homeowners choose the right color options for their home, whether they're repainting interior rooms or the home's exterior.

If you're looking to talk to an expert about your home's painting needs, schedule a free estimate with us today! We serve homeowners in Newton, Weston, Lexington and areas nearby.

Consider your options for your home's interior

There is so much to consider when deciding what interior painting color will look just right in your home. All color is influenced by the surrounding colors, the light source, and the size of the room. Sometimes a color that looks perfect in a friend’s home will be awful when it’s applied to a room in your own home.

A lot of people simply choose “off white” colors because they become incapacitated by making a color decision. Decorating magazines are full of articles about color and how important it is to get it right, but good instruction for the selection process is missing.

We believe in getting the color right on every job that we do. Sometimes we spend hours making samples up for customers to make sure that that a certain interior painting color is just right in their home. It’s part of our job and we're happy to help!

Getting the right paint for the outside matters too

Repainting your exterior can be a relatively easy way to increase your home’s curb appeal - as long as it looks good! It helps to have expert advice in finding a distinctive look that compliments your surroundings; something you’ll love for years.

It is very important to consider how the colors you choose look on the house. You want to choose colors that look good throughout the day as the quality of the sunlight shifts.

Read our Color-Safe Selection System™

We can’t tell you what you like, but we help make sure what you like looks fabulous in your home, and we have a unique Color-Safe Selection System™ to help get you there. Find out why hundreds of homeowners are happy that we helped them make their color selection process easier and more satisfying.

Better paint leads to better performance

In keeping with our commitment to excellence, we use only the highest quality paints for all of our interior painting projects. This includes advanced formulation “zero VOC” interior paint that contains no harmful vapors for minimal odor in your home.

Get started on your home's painting project

If you're ready to start painting, Tom Curren Companies is ready to help. We’re not like any other painting contractor you have worked with. To begin with, when we schedule a project, you'll get a complete write up of what to expect and when to expect it, including a precise cost breakdown. Our crews arrive on time every day, work quickly and neatly, and clean up their work space at the end of the day – every day. And you can count on us being on the job until the project is finished.

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