Exterior Painting Before & After Photos

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Exterior Painting in Framingham, MA

Our new Framingham clients contacted us for painting the exterior of their home. The entire exterior of the home was scrubbed by hand with bleach and Jomax. The aluminum siding was prepped and applied a full coat of primer. Two finish coats of Sherwin Williams Cityscape was applied. This color change looks beautiful against the contrasting white trim.

Exterior Painting in Maynard, MA

Quality work lasts, and this client’s Maynard home is a great example of that! Tom Curren Companies originally painted this home 12 years ago. The customer just recently contacted us for a color refresher, the first in over a decade!
The new solid stain in Galveston Gray provides great contrast against the brick.

Exterior Painting in Wayland, MA

This Wayland exterior received a hand wash, then a fresh coat of paint for the siding, trim, doors and window casings.

Exterior Painting located in Wayland, MA

This Wayland home received a cheerful color change! Minor carpentry work was first needed, as several shingles, casing boards and window sills needed to be removed and replaced. Our painting crew then scraped, sanded, prepped and painted the home's siding,trim, casings, doors and foundation. The siding was painted a Lemon Twist, while the trim a Pure White. The foundation and door finished with an Olde World Gold.

Exterior Painting in Wellesley, MA

This cottage received a bright color change! With an EPA set up, the body of this Wellesley home was primed and painted. The doors, window casings and shutters were scraped, feather sanded, primed and then painted to complete the overall look. 

Total Before & After Sets: 53